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Search Engine Optimisation - Does your website need it?

Have you had a website built but are disappointed with the traffic it receives?

Are the Sales from your e-commerce web site not what you were hoping for?

Have you wondered why your website is not appearing high in the Search Engine rankings?

Too many times web page designers build an attractive website but fail to invest the time in creating the conditions that will mean the site becomes prominent within the major search engines and therefore the site does not get the traffic it deserves.

The reason that many web designers don't pay enough attention to this aspect of your website is because Search Engine Optimisation is not an 'overnight' activity. It is an iterative process that takes place over weeks and months. It requires careful analysis of web tracking statistical data and testing to find out what works and what doesn't.

At Synergistics Consulting we understand what needs to be done to drive increased traffic to your site from the audience you seek to serve and how to turn that traffic into increased Sales.

Increasing traffic to your site is brought about by two main methods.

1. Search Engine Optimisation
2. Pay per Click (PPC) advertising with the likes of Google Adwords

By optimising the code and content of your site, you will not only improve your rankings and bring in more visitors. You will also provide those visitors with the right content, and make it easier for them to find what they want. In other words, your optimised website will bring in more of the people who are looking for precisely the products, information, and services you provide.


Synergistics Consulting is located at Cowes on the Isle of Wight and many of our existing clients are IOW based.

Continuous Improvement
SEO is not a one-off activity and requires ongoing improvement. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing their relevancy criteria. Therefore a website that is number 1 today may be number 18 tomorrow.
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