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Our website optimisation services include the following:

  • Studying your site and comparing it with your competitors.

  • Researching the keyword phrases that your potential customers are typing in the search engines.

  • Editing the text of your site both for clarity and use of the key phrases.

  • Improving the structure of your site to aid navigation.

  • Getting appropriate sites to link to your site. (Link-Building)

  • Setting up and monitoring a PPC advertising campaign, or increasing the performance of an existing PPC campaign e.g. Google Adwords.

  • Log file analysis - setting up and analysis of your web traffic stats.

Research for Search Engine Optimisation Projects

Research is a major part of any search engine Optimisation project. We need to take a close look at your current site and those of your competitors. If other sites in your field are rating better in the search engines than yours, we need to understand why. They may be spending a lot of money on advertising. They may have a well-known brand name and are taking advantage of that. They may be using certain tricks -- what is called "spamming" or "cloaking" in an effort to fool the search engines into treating their sites as more relevant to certain keyword phrases than they really deserve to be.
We'll look at the current state of your site and identify problems. This could include poorly written html, unclear text, use of the wrong keywords, insufficient use of the correct ones, or an over-reliance on scripting that makes it harder for the search engines' spiders to find what you want them to see.
We will also identify other web sites in your field which the search engines view as authoritative. Such sites can serve to give us ideas about the directions we can take your optimisation, and some of them may later be useful in obtaining links to your site.
You know your business far better than we ever will. Because of this, we will have to work together during this phase of the process, as you will need to teach us enough about the people you'd like us to bring into your site so that we can target your site to them.

Keyword Research

Many business owners believe that search engine Optimisation is all about getting your site to rank on the top of the search engine results for an ultra-competitive single word. However, research has indicated that the more words in a search query (up to four words), the more likely the page that searcher finds will convert. It may give you bragging rights to rank on top for "insurance," but you'll probably find that a page optimised for a term like "Hampshire whole life insurance" will lead to more sales.
This is why it's essential that any search engine Optimisation project include extensive keyword research, and the more pages your site has, the more opportunities you have to bring in people searching on different phrases.
We start most keyword research projects by discussing your business with you. We'll spend some time talking about what terms people are currently using to find you, what terms you feel you should be ranking higher for, etc. We can then draw up a list of related keyword phrases that can be targeted

Content Editing

Once the research has pointed us in the proper direction, we will make recommendations regarding changes to the content of your site. The text will be rewritten based on the keyword phrases we have chosen to target. Proper page titles, headings, and meta tags will be created. Your image files will be given appropriate alternative text. We will do all we can to get your site to present the right information to the right people.
In some cases, we will recommend the creation of new content pages. These will serve both to make your site more useful to your target audience and to bring in traffic from searches on additional keyword phrases.

Log File Analysis

Your server logs tell us what's really happening with your site: which pages get the most traffic, how people are finding those pages, the paths they follow through the site, the amount of time they're spending, whether the same people are coming back for additional visits, etc. We use Google Analytics for log file analysis, which allows us to generate both standard and custom reports. That makes it possible to study almost any aspect of your site's traffic.
We need to study the log files before we start the optimisation project as this will give us a good idea of where the site stands and where it can be improved. Identifying the site's strengths and weaknesses can be a great aid in determining a strategy for making improvements.

Tracking Your Success

Once a given page has been optimised, the log files will tell us a great deal about how well we've accomplished the task. We'll see how people are finding the page, and what they're doing when they arrive there.
The goal of your website is not simply to rank well. It's to contribute to your business, helping it grow. As our efforts to improve your site help your business, the server logs will show us how that's happening, and that information is vitally important in finding new ways to improve.

Rankings Are Not Everything

When your site moves up in the search engine rankings, that's certainly a step in the right direction, but it's probably not the goal. We need to study the results of that movement in rankings.
Has traffic increased?
How much time are people spending on the landing page?
Where do they go from there?
Are they converting?
All of that is far more important that just gaining improved rankings, and if only some of those things are happening, we can find out where the breakdown is occurring, and do something to rectify it.

New Opportunities

We normally optimise a page for two or three different keyword phrases. Sometimes, we'll find that people are finding the page by searching on a phrase we had not considered. That's often a reason to create a new page that better targets that traffic by concentrating on a very specific phrase.
Similarly, we're going to see what we're doing wrong. It's always possible that a keyword phrase we thought was highly relevant to your site isn't being seen that way by the people using that phrase to search. If that happens, the efforts we made to get one of your pages to rank well for that term aren't going to bear much fruit. Searchers will see it in the results pages, but either won't click it because the title and short description don't express what they're looking for, or they'll click through but won't stay. The sooner we know that that's happening, the sooner we can make changes to that page, either to speak to those searchers, or to optimise it for a term which is more relevant.
You should strongly consider having us study your server logs each month. The knowledge we can gain over time can be extraordinarily useful.

Optimisation of Your Site's Navigation

Once your site has the content it needs, we need to arrange that content in such a way that it's easy to find. As sites grow over time, people sometimes lose sight of the need to organize content for the sake of the user. It may not be necessary to completely restructure your site, but we will make suggestions to make it possible for your visitors to get where they need to go and find what they need to find.
While it's important to enable your users to find everything they want, it's equally important to guide them into your site in such a way that turns browsers into customers. Depending on the size of the site and the nature of your business, that may involve segmenting users from the point at which they enter the site, or placing calls to action in the right places on the right pages.

Link-Building Campaigns to Promote Your Web Site

A link-building campaign can accomplish a great deal for your web site. Links from other web sites to yours are seen by Google as a vote for your site - a recommendation of your site as a good resource for information. When you increase the number of quality, relevant links pointing to your site, you are increasing traffic that is pre-targeted to your subject-matter. You also are demonstrating to search engines that your site has been deemed worthwhile by people who know something about your field. This will improve your site's ranking for keyword phrases that are highly relevant to your audience.

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